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Wikitubia Wiki, known for short as WikiWikitubia or WikiWiki, is a small Fandom community which holds (although no) information about users and staff of Wikitubia.


This wiki was created by Cluckster, a then rollbacker on Wikitubia, now a moderator, without any notices or pre-information. The wiki started getting pages about Wikitubia staff, which are worthless since they only give information about their leaderboard score and the date they joined and the dates they became staffs. The wiki has been partially neglected too, due to its low-quality pages and those deemed extreme stubs. The wiki got its own Discord Server on January, 2020. However, it was previously Cluckster's own server and then, it was renamed to WikiWikitubia Discord.


As mentioned, the wiki is been hugely neglected, even by its founder, Cluckster, due to the lack of topics for articles to be created on. Most of the articles are stubs, or contain no information about the user except their join date and profile picture. Except the user profile pages, it contains records of Discord staff and wiki staff, even of retired staff. The wiki hosts its monthly election program named "Staff of Fame", which roughly gets five to ten votes each month. As the name suggests, it has been inspired from Wikitubia's Hall of Fame.

The wiki is based mainly on the theme of Wikitubia, but it uses a little darker shade of Red. The wordmark resembles the previous wordmark of Wikitubia, with the text changed. The wiki uses template-sources from JustLeafy's Wiki and, like the Statistics template and the CategoryDescription template.